The Yi Ching 8 hexagram family
The eight Kua - Family members
# Study the Chinese I-Ching, James Legge version, now in Revision 3
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A Short Outline.
A lot of modern translations of the Chinese Classic I-Ching exist nowadays. This one is a copy of the Chinese to English version by James Legge. The original book appeared in the Sacred Books of the East Vol. 16. The Sacred Books of China, vol. 2 of 6, Part II of The Texts of Confucianism.
Used traditionally as an oracle, to bring one closer to the guiding wisdom of the spirit. As well as this complete edition of James Legge's 1882 book, we have appended modern updates which include analytics and graphic images applied to the more difficult, obscure sections. As this area covers advanced study, the understanding of other outside resources of knowledge, was found necessary. These are shown at various points in this text, to help elucidate the mainstream subject matter of the I-Ching.

Further Details.
References include; Taoist doctrine & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhist abhidhamma sources, Hinduism, Platonic solids.
# The new sections added, cover hitherto unpublished subjects on;
The single line Correlates used in each hexagram, enhanced by the use of a 3 part set of colours applied to each line. Dual line pairs named as hsiang (4x Conditions), enhanced with supporting colour line theory and revealed in a matrix for efficient abbreviation. With analysis of alignment to the established order of I-Ching dual-hsiang, trigrams and hexagrams.
We have also added modern sciences DNA to the thousands of years of recorded harmonious knowledge found in the I-Ching.
Plus, just how to use coins or yarrow-sticks to cast an ORACLE, to safely guide/foretell future events. All this makes provocative reading, supplementary to the valued original James Legge translation. As an additional cross-reference, every one of the 64 hexagrams has an external web-link to the Richard Wilhelm English I-Ching translation.
Our PDF file has mouse accessiblity to the Contents list & Quick reference menu, for easy use.


The colours used define the dual line
hsiang, progress through a hexagram is by 2's.
These differ from the colour usage outlined
by using the 'Correlates' system noted below.
Yi Ching hexagram circle & square Starting at the house of Chen,
a kaleidoscopic image of the
same progression around the Pa Kua 64
Approx' circumambulation: 15 secs..

Some Yi Ching hexagram correlate images
Some detail from a few of the 64 hexagrams, the coloured lines shown in this image, help with insight into the single line 'CORRELATES', a term used when reading a hexagram in binary form. That is as ZERO (0) and ONE (1). Just how would one translated 6 lines of a mixed hexagram into a word description?
This is what is done by the zero and one correlations. Each of the hexagrams has extensive paragraphs appended over thousands of years by various groups of official commentators, kings, Confucius and James Legge in his translation to English.
Teach yourself the intricacies of this mysterious ancient resource from the Far East, which somehow knew all about modern DNA and genetics!

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