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The "Manuscript" Calligraphy booklet.

Manuscript Calligraphy booklet
Manuscript Calligraphy booklet $10.00 each
Parcel code 1
1x Manuscript Calligraphy booklet
A letter by letter introduction to the art of beautiful writing by Patricia Lovett.
This UPDATED calligraphy booklet has content more like a hard-cover book! While its basic subject matter is similar to Barry Floyd's original, this 32 page booklet (with 5x extra fold-out pages) excels in comparison. Beautifully illustrated with many colour pictures and line work examples, it introduces the 4x basic lettering styles: Foundation Hand, Italic, Gothic, Uncial (Celtic). Plus pages on Card & Bookmark Making, Wedding Invitations, Guidlines & equipment needed for each style, Layout formatting, etc. Written in English, French & Spanish.
A LOW PRICED, excellent soft cover booklet at just $10.00 each.

The Technique of Copperplate Calligraphy

Technique of Copperplate Calligraphy
Technique of Copperplate Calligraphy $13.50 each
Parcel code 1
1x Technique of Copperplate Calligraphy
The Copperplate Calligraphers complete pointed pen method by Gordon Turner. A favourite book of teachers to instruct their students, the roundhand copperplate is shown from the simplest straight strokes to the most complex curves, all in step by step order. Flourished strokes are also developed and a multitude of examples of finished lettering throughout, as even the books chapters are written in copperplate. Extra information is included on the equipment needed and some pen making techniques. Retail price AUD$13.50 each. A soft cover book of 42 pages.

Cover to Cover.

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Cover to Cover
Cover to Cover
WAS $32.00
$24.00 25% OFF SALE
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1x Cover to Cover
By Shereen LaPlantz.
Shereen's book on creative techniques to make beautiful books, journals and albums is still available from us. Everything from simple pamphlets to Japanese stab bindings, complex fold books, and many others are included in the broad span of this book. Besides 170 photographs and hundreds of illustrations, there are detailed instructions to guide you to becoming an expert bookbinder. This book has weathered the time by a decade or so and is still around - surely this speaks volumes for the books content.
Retail price $35.00 each. Soft cover.

The Calligrapher's Bible.

calligraphers bible
The Calligrapher's Bible $55.00 each
Parcel code 1
1x The Calligrapher's Bible
By David Harris.
100 complete alphabets and how to write them. An extra thorough and complete book, with so many hands to choose from, it is almost bewildering. Not only the 5 hands (Roman, Uncial, Gothic, Italic, Copperplate) along with their variations. But also included are modern scripts and styles, that a showcard and ticketwriter could use. Well worth it as a reference and "gold mine" for the avid calligrapher. Also includes sections on basic calligraphy instruction, as well as laying gold by traditional gilding techniques.Retail price $55.00 each. A hard cover, spiral backed book.

Encyclopedia of Calligraphy.

Encyclopedia of Calligraphy
Encyclopedia of Calligraphy $38.00 each
Parcel code 1
1x Encyclopedia of Calligraphy
By Diana Hardy-Wilson.
One of the best and most comprehensive encyclopedia on Calligraphy ever, if calligraphers have done it, it is most likely talked about in this encyclopedia. Most of the important lettering styles are step by step analysed, the basic design principles are explained along with tools and materials. A broad gallery of inspiring works from well known calligraphers around the world, each having a paragraph or two to outline the what & when & how details.
Retail price $38.00 each, a soft cover book.

Practical Encyclopedia of Calligraphy.

practical Encyclopedia of Calligraphy
Practical Encyclopedia of Calligraphy $25.00 each
Parcel code 1
1x Practical Encyclopedia of Calligraphy
By Janet Mehigan.
A complete Calligraphers Encyclopedia of all things related to calligraphy. 10 basic different hand styles have alphabet examples, including all the 5 base forms and some unusual ones like ‘Batarde’. Half of the book is expanded into projects, to show the many uses for calligraphy and discover the tools, and their uses in hands on practice. A thoroughly worthwhile book.
Retail price $25.00 each, a soft cover book.


An Introduction to Practical Chinese Painting.

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practical chinese painting
Intro to Practical Chinese Painting WAS $42.00 $31.50 25% OFF SALE
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1x Intro to Practical Chinese Painting
By Ong Chen-Ru.
This book is the ideal answer to a beginner or intermediate students study in Chinese Painting. Completely illustrated throughout, with instructional strokes, and paintings from famous painters and some of the authors works, it covers the broadest range of painting subjects. Just a quick look at the content page reveals - besides tools, structure, techniques and style sections - 9 main subjects covering (the 4 Nobles; Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Orchid and Plum), there is also fish, birds, people and landscapes. Plus a chapter on calligraphy and seals as used to finish scroll art work.
$42.00 each. Soft cover book.

The Art of Mirra Hainsworth.

Art Mirra Hainsworth
The Art of Mirra Hainsworth $25.00 each
Parcel code 1
1x The Art of Mirra Hainsworth
By Mirra Hainsworth.
A book of many of the paintings by Mirra, also explaining the ways she has approached Chinese style painting and applies it to Australian subjects. A brief history of Mirra's early years, exhibitions and awards, is also included. $25.00 each. Soft cover book.
# This book is ideally coupled with the next item, Mirra's DVD, which teaches in 8 lessons Chinese Painting techniques.

Brush Painting the Chinese Way.

brush painting chinese way dvd
Brush Painting the Chinese Way $30.00 Cut PRICE each
Parcel code 1
1x Brush Painting the Chinese Way
By Mirra Hainsworth.

A DVD based on Mirra's painting classes, for beginners learning Chinese painting. The Techniques of Chinese Painting are revealed lesson by lesson in this easy to follow course.

A set of double-sided samples of each of the Four Gentleman is included in this package, illustrating the methods used in this video.
# UPDATED VERSION NOW AVAILABLE: From recent customer feedback it was decided to upgrade this DVD to a more 'modern-day' version. The DVD now has full-menu access to each lesson, whereas it was originally a direct copy of the older cassette VHS, without this feature. Now it can be controlled better using a DVD-Player remote, with a menu. Progress lesson-by-lesson with no hassles.


To see some of the DVD's contents, you are welcome to view
short extracts on your Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone

Lesson 1. A brief introduction to Chinese painting and the equipment needed.
Lesson 2. The basic brush strokes required to paint in the Chinese style.
A foundation of Chinese painting is found in "The Four Gentleman". These are demonstrated and taught in great detail in the following four lessons.
Lesson 3. The Bamboo.
Lesson 4. The Orchid.
Lesson 5. The Plum Blossom.
Lesson 6. The Chrysanthemum.
Lesson 7. Mounting-backing paintings, for scroll making or framing.
Lesson 8. Conclusion, looks at painting other subjects with the newly learned Chinese painting techniques.

The DVD including 4x painting instruction sheets, sells on sale for $30.00 each. A 93 minute long, PAL format video, migrated from Mirra's popular VHS "Brush Strokes of China".

  Last minor update June 2022